Are you someone who is in search of invoice templates to generate invoices online? Also, before you answer – you may have heard the name of QuickBooks to manage personal finance.

But before we go through the ten free best alternatives to QuickBooks, here is an interesting stat. 

Statista research


Small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in the USA are familiar with online invoicing software, as per Statista research.

More than 3 million people use QuickBooks Online, making it one of the most popular and the best billing software on the market. That said, what’s excellent for everyone may not be ideal for your business! So then, do a market search for a QuickBooks alternative.

10 free QuickBooks alternatives for personal finances

We have 10 QuickBooks alternatives, but honestly, several additional viable alternatives were investigated. We prioritized simplicity of use, extra features and functionality, pricing, scalability, and other considerations while evaluating online invoicing software.

1. Xero


Xero is our top pick and best alternative to QuickBooks because it offers similar functionality to QuickBooks at a lesser cost and unlimited users. So if the price or restricted users are your biggest issues with QuickBooks, Xero is a good option.

More than 700 smart business apps can be linked to Xero, so you don’t have to worry about the hard lifting. Xero can let you operate your business on the move and reconcile for faster returns in seconds, no matter what kind of business you have.

The following functionalities are included in the online invoicing software to generate invoice online using invoice templates:

  • Billing in numerous currencies and conversion rates that are updated on an hourly basis is simple and efficient.
  • Attachments to every Xero file, integration with approximately 700 third-party programs, and low operating costs are just a few of the features.
  • Use Android & iOS smartphone apps to increase your inventory time by keeping track of sales and placing orders in real-time.
  • Easy-to-read maps, up-to-date information, and automatic categorization let you stay on top of your professional life while keeping thorough notes at your fingertips.
  • In addition to payroll, Gusto offers several other features such as bank relations, bank reconciliations, monitoring, contact lists, and a dashboard for tracking market performance.

2. FreshBooks


Consequently, the next QuickBooks alternative is FreshBooks, which is best suited for a sole proprietor or freelancer who prefers to utilize spreadsheets and spreadsheets to keep track of their company finances.

FreshBooks is fast, straightforward, and easy to use, allowing you to be up and running and working in no time at all. In addition, FreshBooks offers a self-employed package and a team’s plan for small businesses with many employees. Finally, FreshBooks has a user-friendly layout that many non-technical users would find straightforward to manage in many cases.

A second major addition to the FreshBooks application is the addition of double-entry accounting capabilities, which is a significant advantage for any small business with at least one employee.

Among the many advantages of this online invoicing software are effective budget management, corporate invoicing, time tracking, and the ability to track customer payments. As well as creating flat-rate or hourly projects, FreshBooks allows you to create estimates for your clients as well.

3. Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice

Free invoicing software like Moon Invoice has a rapid, all-in-one payment option, as do the other top competitors.

These platforms have given their customers efficient billing solutions from the beginning of the invoicing process. Moreover, it works for everyone, from sole proprietors to multinational corporations, since it is tailored to each one’s specific requirements.

In terms of personal finances, it is the best alternative to QuickBooks. Here are a few features provided by Moon Invoice

  • With a simpler tax setup and GST compliance, tax keeping becomes easy.
  • The use of automatic payment updates will improve the efficiency of the operation and speed up the process.
  • Delivering daily, weekly, or monthly filing services, as well as regular receipts, could not be easier.
  • It’s multilingual and easy to report on expenses.
  • The built-in timesheet allows you to create and generate invoices easily.   

4. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a well-known small business online invoicing software that is easy to use. Several easy-to-use applications come with it, and businesses will simplify them all to save time for paying. This is a fantastic alternative to QuickBooks.

Even if the report is stored in the cloud, you can still access it and make changes using the software already installed on your computer. In addition, you may utilize or integrate Zoho invoice with its other platform if you’re seeking a solution to handle invoices, invoicing, quotes, links, and costs.

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5. Sage 50cloud Accounting

Sage Intact

It is Sage 50cloud Accounting that is the best billing software for more tech-savvy consumers concerning the list for the best alternative to QuickBooks list. In addition to being particularly suited for small and developing businesses, Sage 50cloud Accounting is also very adaptable, with three different packages available, including the Quantum package, which can support up to 40 users.

Their usefulness for small businesses is extensive and includes powerful customer management, revenue tracking, purchase orders, and an inventory control module.

6. Waves


Wave is a no-cost QuickBooks alternative. If you’re on a small budget but need online invoicing software with double bookkeeping features, Wave Accounting could be the right fit for you.

Personalized invoice generation using invoice templates and sufficient customer support are both provided by Wave Accounting.

7. Invoicera


Another online invoicing software to manage personal finance is Invoicera, which keeps track of project time and expenditures. The rest of it is cloud-based so that you can access it on the go with your mobile device. The software is simple to set up, but it offers a wide range of options to generate invoices online beyond personal accounting.

8. Harvest


In addition to time tracking, Harvest also offers online invoicing as an add-on as a QuickBooks alternative. Small businesses and sole proprietors may use this online billing software since it doesn’t need a substantial infrastructure to get started.

A harvest is an easy-to-use tool for creating invoices for customers. In addition, a Harvest is a useful tool for those who need to manage monthly billing since it makes it easy to submit data to Excel.

9. Kashoo


Kashoo is yet another excellent QuickBooks Alternative. However, Kashoo 2.0 has a completely overhauled user interface. Even though Kashoo 2.0 has all of the previous version’s features, such as account balances, tax information, and bill payment, it has undergone significant changes.

You can effortlessly set up your firm with Kashoo, upload tax data like sales tax records, and access your bank accounts with only a few clicks.

10. ZipBooks


However, you can only send invoices to limited clients on QuickBooks. Instead, ZipBooks‘ free version allows you to create as many invoices and clients as you’d like.

With the Smarter plan ($15 a month) or, the more advanced plan ($35 a month), you may update your firm and adjust your business accounting needs. In addition, premium memberships come with extras like timers, unlimited users, and block books, among other things.

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In conclusion

Is each of these ten QuickBooks Alternatives superior to QuickBooks?

Not exactly, but they are all distinctive, and uniqueness is often just what a business wants in online invoicing software. While some alternatives are superior in key ways, others provide features not available in QuickBooks Online.

Whatever your reason for looking outside of QuickBooks, you can be certain that other solutions are available to small company owners like you.

Avoid using complex capabilities if your specs are modest, and avoid selecting a tool with a limited capability if you have additional requirements. This is because it will have an immediate effect on your company’s methods.

It would be ideal if you made the perfect choice about what you want by examining, inspecting, and comparing all of the best billing software options accessible.