From the moment you step in the office till you get out if your work comprises of drafting invoices, checking account statements or need to deal with account department pertaining to billing then it is quite obvious to understand how hectic and tiresome it can be. The innate purpose of any organization is to create invoices at par so that when their clients or customers receive it, their first impulse should be to make the payment towards outstanding. However, that is not the case usually, and more often than not the payment is delayed due to some reason.


In this blog post, we bring you the most important points to take care and implement while sending invoices to clients so as to get paid 2x faster. These factors play an important role in ensuring to receive payment at least on time so that it does not harm your business cash flow for easy operation of your company. One has to rely on the best online invoice payments in order to keep the payment rolling in for the growth and success of the business. Following are the critical factors to create invoices to get you paid faster than usual.

Payment Terms

You need to make sure that your payments are absolutely clear and your client agrees to the same. Depending upon the client and business relation, you can also go for a partial advance payment. Also, your invoice payment terms have to clearly mention the penalty charge or late payment fee associated.


Automation of invoicing and billing process makes E-invoicing a preferred choice as compared to traditional invoicing methods. It simplifies the process and requires fewer resources to manage billing and accounting.

Automation - Moon Invoice

Keep Invoice Simple

List all the details of the job with description and quantity. Try to avoid invoice slang as clients might get confused which will only further delay the payment. It is recommended to personalize your invoice with the business logo so that your clients start getting associated with your brand.

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Invoice Templates

It is quite obvious that with invoice templates you are going to save lots of time and money. Moreover, you can either download or there are invoicing software and online invoicing app providing in-built invoicing templates that can be selected as per your business need.

Terms Contract

Prerequisite terms contract or draft clears the mutual expectation between two parties. It leaves no confusion about payment, currency, service delivery, etc.

Terms Contract - Moon Invoice

Multiple Payment Option

It is one of the best methods to ensure to get paid earlier by offering multiple payment options to your client. This is helpful to your organization as well, as it leaves lesser chances for them to avoid making the payment on time.

Tracking & Follow-ups

Keeping a track of invoices and payment helps you to list customers who and when they need to be reminded about the payment. This way identifying the slow-paying clients and taking necessary action upon it will ultimately result in improving your cash flow.


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