Invoicing is a broad subject to discuss. It is not just billing; it is more than billing. 

Moon Invoice online invoicing software offers a professional invoicing feature to the users for designing and sending invoices to the customers and clients. 

There is a need to send different types of invoices, such as interim invoices, proforma invoices, commercial invoices, credit notes, purchase orders, and standard invoices; Moon Invoice is a perfect pick. 

We have different invoicing features and help you send a single invoice to multiple email addresses. In today’s blog post, we have shared an illustration video to help our users know how to send an invoice to multiple contacts. 

Before sharing the illustration video, let’s talk about other features of our online billing software

Online invoicing: Is the future for SMEs?

Do you know the e-invoicing market is anticipated to reach approximately 24,726 USD Million by 2027? E-invoicing is the future of online business accounting as most organizations trust in sending and receiving professional-looking invoices. The era of manual invoices and spreadsheets tends to cease quickly.  

Suppose you are running a business or are a freelancer/contractor. In that case, it is the right time to switch your manual invoicing operations to online invoicing using our free invoice maker app. Yes, our online invoicing software is available for a free trial for the first seven days. Later, you can upgrade to any plan as per the requirements or ask our customer support team to connect with you for customization needs. 

Send an invoice to multiple contacts with Moon Invoice

While using our online billing software to create and send unlimited invoices requires knowing the quick and easy steps to create a final invoice. Our free invoice generator app asks you to create a company before creating invoices because you cannot invoice unless adding a contact or company. To send an invoice, the existence of a recipient is mandatory- considering the same, we ask you to first create a company before sending an invoice. 

Once you have created a company, you can start making invoices. Here is a step-by-step guide on making an invoice using Moon Invoice Windows App. Following the guide, you will experience how effortless and quick it is to use the Moon Invoice template for creating and sending invoices. 

Need to Send a Single Invoice to Multiple Contacts?

How to send an invoice to multiple contacts or email addresses?

While you create an invoice, you have to fill in the professional invoicing components, including the invoice number, date, customer details, shipping method and cost, payment details and terms, product and service breakdown, tax details, notes, business signature, and attachment (if any). 

Steps to send an invoice to multiple contacts:

After successfully creating and saving the invoice, you can view the invoice under the invoice category. 

  • Clicking on the invoice, you will find the different options at the top of the screen that indicates edit, add signature, payment, preview, print, and email. 

How to Send an Invoice to Multiple Contacts Using Moon Invoice

  • Click on the ’email’ button to send an invoice via email. 
  • As you click on the email button, the following tab will pop up on your screen. 

How to email an invoice? - send an invoice to multiple contacts

Here is an illustrative video to help you understand how to add multiple email addresses while sending an invoice. 

How to Send an Invoice to Multiple Contacts or Email Addresses?

Sending invoices to multiple people- Online billing software

Did you get a call from your client’s office that the invoice must be sent to the accountant with CC to HR and the CEO? 

In this scenario, you need an online billing software that allows you to send an invoice to multiple contacts. 

Often, there arises a need to send an invoice to multiple people or contacts, for which having an online invoicing software like Moon Invoice works the best. Our free invoice generator app helps you send invoices to multiple contacts quickly and effortlessly. 

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What happens next?

Bingo! Your client will receive an email including the list of other contacts who need to see your invoice copy. So, it’s that easy and simple to send an invoice to multiple contacts using our online billing software, Moon Invoice.

Please connect back to our support center if you are still confused or have difficulty sending invoices to multiple contacts.

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