Invoicing is a fundamental business need.

Only sending an invoice isn’t enough for your business. It should be professional complimenting each of the invoicing elements. 

So, most business owners and freelancers question how to write an invoice? Or how to design a professional invoice?

Let’s understand it in quick and easy steps with today’s blog post. 

What is an invoice?

An invoice is a professional business document. It is designed and sent to buyers, customers, or clients for demanding payment. Invoicing is a way to get paid faster as it signifies the due for payment on its receipt. 

Generally, business owners try to send a manual invoice using a Google spreadsheet, word document, or PDF; but that’s an old practice. Using online invoicing software to create and send invoices sounds much better and professional. 

A professional invoice generated using online billing software compliments all the invoicing elements. Let’s discuss the crucial invoice components

  1. Invoice date and number
  2. Company logo and details
  3. Customer details 
  4. Product/service breakdown
  5. Tax details 
  6. Payment due date
  7. Payment terms
  8. Important notes
  9. Business signature 
  10. Attachment 

Our invoice generator software helps you create an invoice with essential invoice components. Using Moon Invoice software or app, users can also send, download, or print invoices with a single click. 

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Why is sending an invoice important?

Be it any business or organization, sending an invoice is quite a necessary thing to do. Invoices help you get an idea about your recent sale (product or service), and it also helps you get clear with the payment due for receipt

Just like invoicing components are crucial for designing the correct invoice, invoicing etiquette is crucial. An invoicing etiquette includes the right person to send an invoice, the right time to send an invoice, and the proper format to send an invoice. 

We have already discussed the proper format or essentials to send an invoice. But to make sure your invoice doesn’t look improper or confusing, it is always great to send an invoice using online invoicing software. 

What’s the best point of contact to send an invoice?

So, who is the right person to send an invoice to? Well, when you are working with a startup or a small firm, you may have direct communication with the CEO or head of the management, so you can generally send the invoices to them directly. But in many organizations, there is a systematic hierarchy that needs to be understood before sending an invoice. 

The best point of contact to send an invoice is the first person in contact. It means if you have been in contact with the manager for the project or goods, then he is the right person to send an invoice. Likewise, many companies ask the HR or account manager to manage invoices. 

So, it is always better to ask the organization or the client about the invoicing contact before sending an invoice. 

What’s the best time to send an invoice?

The best time to send an invoice is after delivering products or services. Once the service or goods are delivered, you can raise an invoice to your client demanding the payment. Also, invoices are of different types, including the commercial invoice, credit note, proforma invoice, standard invoice, final invoice, and interim invoice. So, each type of invoice has a different time of issue. 

A proforma invoice is sent to the customers as proof of the deal. Generally, the proforma invoice is generated for easy clearance of goods in the import-export sector. Likewise, an interim invoice is sent to the client in the middle of the service or deal. 

Hence, every invoice has a different time that must be considered before sending it to your customer or client. For more details on what is the right time to send an invoice– you can click here. 

How to write an invoice?

So, finally, after discussing the basic elements of invoicing, we are here to help you understand how to design a professional invoice using our online invoicing software. Firstly, our invoice generator software helps you create an invoice using the website and software. Users can download our online billing software on their Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. If you don’t wish to install it, you can also use our web version. 

Need to Send an Invoice to Get Paid Faster?

Here are the five easy steps to create an invoice. 

1. Sign in to Moon Invoice, click on invoices & select create

The first step to creating an invoice is to log in to our website or app using the registered email address. Click on the ‘+’ icon at the bottom of the screen to create a new invoice. Please find the below image illustration for your reference. 

Sign in to Moon Invoice, Click on Invoices & Select Create

2. Fill in the invoice date, number & customer details

The second step to creating an invoice is to fill in the basic invoicing details such as the customer name, invoice number, invoice date, invoice due date, customer address, shipping method, shipping cost, and payment method. 

Fill In the Invoice Date, Number & Customer Details

Using our online invoicing software to generate invoices is mandatory to create a company. Invoices won’t be generated unless you have created a minimum of one company. Also, we have an auto-pay now button added in our invoice that is generated using the right payment gateway method. Once you click on it, the invoices will have a pay now button to allow the clients to directly click on the link for payment. 

3. Add items or service details 

The next step to creating an invoice is adding the correct product or service details. Adding a product or service includes the description, quantity, rate, tax details, discount, and total amount. 

Add Items or Service Details

4. Add payment terms, notes & attachment

While using our online invoicing software to create an invoice, it is important to look at the bottom of the invoice to add payment terms, notes, and an attachment. Users can attach a single attachment with the invoice. 

Add Payment Terms, Notes & Attachment

5. Click on save

Last but not least, click on the ‘save’ button to save the invoice successfully on the database. The process of creating an invoice remains the same through all our platforms, including the Website app, Windows, iOS, Android and Mac

So, you can create an invoice in 5 easy steps with our invoice generator software. After clicking on save, invoices are saved, and the same can be sent, downloaded, or print with a single click. 

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Did you create an invoice?

Creating an invoice with the Moon Invoice app or website is easy. If you still have issues creating a proforma or commercial invoice using our app, you can connect to our support team by emailing at