What makes you relook at your invoice before it slips across to the end user? Whether to provide detailed inline data or a summary of transactions, consistency has to be maintained on a bill.

Prominent Characteristics of Invoice Management App

Most of the powerful web based invoicing solutions are free but ones with more advanced features are in between $24-$99. Have a look at gamut of features that a Top Billing App must include:

Optimal Performance

Needless to say an application is useful only when it is quick and saves time. Billing software must ensure that it makes modification and sharing of invoice easy.

Printer Friendly

The app must integrate printing, emailing features and must allow the invoice to be saved in formats like .docx, .pdf, .rtf, .pptx, .csv etc. More options like printing invoice in regional language of choice and on desired pre-printed stationery is preferable.

Printer Friendly - Moon Invoice

Data Security of Invoice Management App

There must be option to backup and restore data from one device to another which will enhance the utility of Invoicing Application.

Device Compatibility

Billing App like Moon Invoice App,must be able to adjust and run on all operating systems across all pc’s and smartphones.

Efficient Reporting

Top Billing App must be equipped with comprehensive financial documentation features with Excise, Retail and Tax and must be able to provide reports about previous transactions, services and other essential things.

Customizable Layout

Billing App must be able to create beautiful but comprehensive invoices. It must incorporate the ability to change design preferences from dashboard themes as and when required. Options to display entries as detailed list group and as single lined entries must be there.


Invoice Management App must be able to format, edit, print and share the invoice across to customers via Email or SMS.

Cash, Time and Item Based Invoicing

Best Time Tracking App must contain cash based, item based as well as time based entries.

§ Time based entry – 7 hour of web development @ 30.00 / hour and 8 hours of regression testing @ 20.00 / hour
§ Product based entry – 300 Business Cards @ 0.5p each
§ Accrual based official receipts and cash based receipt for cash dealings

It is also a good practice to keep a track of time spent by an employee over various assigned tasks. Working hours can be billed by help of desktop timer apps which can convert total hours into eligible currency like dollar or pounds etc. and feature it into invoice in calendar format.


Receivables and overdue invoices must be tracked. Reminders can be set up for recurring charges.


Traceability - Moon Invoice


To become a favorable billing app, it must be consistent in data and appearance. Further, it must be able to accept online payments, send invoice, calculate approximates and be able to track disbursals and time. Client’s cash flow cycles must match up with billing cycles. Thus Top Billing App must be easy to use and be able to provide error free and explicit invoices.

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