Is creating an invoice your basic business need?

Using manual methods of generating an invoice is too old-fashioned. Professional business owners and contractors find it too boring to entertain an invoice that is generated using the help of a Google spreadsheet or voucher books. 

You have to issue an invoice that looks void and has all the basic elements including invoice number, invoice date, recipient and sender details, product and service breakdown, payment details including terms, amount, and due date, business signature, attachment(if any),  etcetera. 

Moon Invoice offers free billing software for P.C. and Windows. Small business owners and freelancers like you can create and send unlimited commercial invoices using our online invoicing software

To make an invoice on Windows is a one-minute thing for Moon Invoice users. Don’t believe it? Here is how you can create an Invoice on Windows using our automated invoicing software. 

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How to make an invoice on windows with Moon Invoice?

Making and sharing invoices using Moon Invoice-free billing software for P.C. is easy and quick. Here are the below-mentioned steps to create an invoice using the best free invoice software for Windows. 

1. Add/create company to make an invoice

It is mandatory to create a company before creating an invoice using our billing software for P.C. and Windows. Add company details, including the business logo and name, email address, phone number, fax and website details, address, billing details and shipping details. Click on ‘save’ to successfully save the company. 

Below is an illustration from our automated invoicing software to help you understand how to add a company to the Moon Invoice Windows app.

Add/Create Company to Make an Invoice

2. Scroll dashboard, click on invoice

The next step is to create an invoice. To make an invoice on your P.C. or desktop using Moon Invoice online invoicing software, you must scroll the dashboard menu. After the contacts section, the second menu is ‘Invoice’; click on the icon and find the ‘+’ sign that reads ‘create an invoice.’

Below is an illustration from our automated invoicing software to help you find the invoice section from the dashboard.

Scroll Dashboard, Click on Invoice


3. Add the invoice details

After adding the company, you can easily start making invoices. Our free billing software for P.C. allows users to create unlimited invoices. 

Moon Invoice offers 66+ predefined invoicing templates to create professional invoices. Using our best free invoice software for Windows, users can generate proforma invoices, estimates, credit notes, and commercial invoices. 

To successfully create an invoice, add the mentioned details accurately and click on the ‘save’ button on the top end corner of the screen. 

Add customer details, invoice date, payment due date, invoice number (auto-generated), sub-title, currency, P.O. #, shipping method, choose a payment method, tasks and products, select appropriate tax slab, terms and conditions, notes, attachments, and business signature. 

Below is an illustration from our automated invoicing software to help you add accurate invoice fields to generate an invoice.


Do you wish to send Free Invoices to clients?

4. Add tasks/products to invoice 

Users can also make invoices quicker by adding projects and products to invoices. To directly add tasks or products to invoices- you need to scroll down on the bottom of the screen and find the buttons that read ‘add task’ and ‘add product’.


As you click on the task/product, the added task with the rate will be shown. Click on the task with a tick mark to add it successfully to the current invoice. It saves much time while making an invoice. 

Add Tasks/Products to Invoice

5. Generate invoice from time log

Another way to generate invoices quickly is to convert the time logs into invoices. While working as a consultant, freelancer, or contractor or on an hourly basis, you need to create invoices as per the time logs.

Generate Invoice From Time Log


Moon Invoice’s automated invoicing software saves your time by generating an invoice from the recorded time logs. 

As illustrated in the image above, users can simply click on the ‘From time log’ button to generate the invoice from the recorded time/hours. It is one more method of creating an invoice using the time logs. 

How to duplicate an invoice as estimate, P.O. or credit note?

Our free billing software for Windows allows users to save time creating estimates, purchase orders, and credit notes by duplicating an existing invoice. 

To duplicate any existing invoice saved on your Moon Invoice Windows App, users can click on the invoice and click on the top three dots with a ‘duplicate’ option. Clicking on it, users will find the options including duplicate as an estimate, purchase order, invoice, and credit note. Select any of the appropriate options to duplicate invoices into different formats. 

Below is an illustration from our automated invoicing software to help you duplicate an existing invoice into different formats. 

How to Duplicate an Invoice as Estimate, P.O. or Credit Note?


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Create, share, preview, download & print invoices on the go!

Moon Invoice free billing software for PC helps users generate unlimited invoices with the professional format or standard. Also, after creating an invoice, users can email, preview, download, and print the invoices on the go! Users aren’t limited to any functions or features while using our online invoicing software. Indeed, we allow them to make the most of commercial invoices by adding a signature and attachment to the invoice. 

Comment us your queries or confusion if you have any while creating an invoice on our billing software for PC. Pen down your suggestions at