If you are a professional or freelancer wanting to improve the invoice and account management of your business, you are at the right place.

To maximize the time and financial resources of your business, you need to develop a highly effective system for invoices and billing. As a result, you might be wondering how to make an invoice for your company. Let’s see how Moon Invoice may create a personalized invoice for your business using an invoice template.

Invoicing is not always straightforward. Streamlining your accounting system may appear challenging at first glance, but with the right tools, it’s rather simple. By using the right tools to make personalized invoices, you can boost your profitability, maintain uniformity in your bills, and keep track of past-due invoices.

You can maintain the level of quality that your clients have come to expect from you while dedicating more time to the front end of your business or freelancing endeavors. The look of the invoice also helps you to get paid faster.

Before we go any further, let’s see what an invoice for your business is and what are its essential elements.

What is an Invoice?

The fundamental idea has essentially not changed in the five thousand years since the Sumerians created the first invoices, even though we’ve added a few tools and tricks to make book-keeping simpler. Since businesses must keep track of sales and income for tax and accounting purposes, invoices are still a crucial component of bookkeeping. It is an invoice that companies send to clients or consumers to request payment for goods or services.

So, if you are wondering how to prepare a perfect invoice and what they mean for your business, here we will discuss it all. But first, let us understand what invoices are!

They are issued to a consumer for services or goods they have previously received, much like traditional bills. It contains a plethora of information about the firm, the consumer, the products purchased, or the services provided to the client. An invoice can be used as legal documentation if it includes the customer’s and supplier’s names, the kind and price of the items or services, and the payment terms. Invoices frequently include a description of the items being charged for and payment terms.

According to the seller’s payment conditions, an invoice details the sum that a buyer must pay. The payment terms specify how long a customer has to pay the supplier for the goods and/or services they’ve acquired. You are not compelled to immediately pay your invoices, though. Account-based transactions are used by regular business partners like suppliers and sellers.

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What is Included on an Invoice?

Online invoicing software lets you make personalized invoices from any place while lowering the potential of human errors dramatically. It only takes a few clicks to create custom invoices and send invoices online in seconds and collect payments promptly when you use effective online invoicing software using an invoice template. Because your clients may choose the currency and language they choose, it substantially simplifies your company’s entry into the worldwide market. Online invoicing software has a lot to offer, from ensuring proper billing to increasing brand recognition and you can manage multiple invoices too.

It helps you retain more consumers by serving as brand equity and a reflection of your professionalism. Incorrect invoices, on the other hand, tend to perplex your clients, lowering their enthusiasm for doing business with you and resulting in payment delays, which eventually affect your cash flow. It is critical to understand how invoices function, how important they are, and that everything is correctly documented.

According to Concur, the average invoicing costs $12.90 to process which can be reduced by 29% by automation. This is a clear indication that it is best to use automation tools to create invoices.

You can establish your company and offer items or services to clients and customers, necessitating the receipt of an invoice. But how do you generate an invoice? If you’ve had trouble producing an invoice that looks professional and you wish to know how to write an invoice with invoicing software or invoice generator, keep reading.

How to Make an Invoice in 7 Easy Steps

Learning how to make customized and personalized invoices is a great approach to keeping your billing practices consistent which saves time and money. To ensure that you get the most out of your invoicing and receive payment as quickly and correctly as possible, we’ve included step-by-step instructions.

Let’s go through these 7 steps below:

1. Login to Moon Invoice Account

To begin with, log in to the Moon Invoice accounting software. You will need to fill in a few business details that will make the billing process seamless for you in the later stages.

2. Select on the Sales Module and Click Invoices

Once you are ready to create custom invoices to be sent to your clients, you can select the invoice option under the sales module. Here you can find all your invoices or create a new one from the template provided by clicking the ‘+’ button.

3. Fill in the Required Fields

Your next step is to create the invoice by filling in the basic invoicing details, such as date, invoice date, due date, amount, shipping details, payment details, contact information, etc.

4. Add Items or Service Details

The primary function of an invoice is to act as a receipt. This area requires careful study since it may be the most important. Services rendered must be described in great detail. To indicate whether or not taxes are included in your computation, check or uncheck the box next to “tax.” Feel free to add any extra remarks for clarity at the bottom.

5. Mention the Terms and Conditions, and Describe Notes

Being legal documents you also need to mention the terms and conditions of sales made or services provided. You can have this saved for your business. Moon Invoice provides you the option to save your business data on the cloud and allows you to save an invoice as a pdf. You may also describe the terms for late payments and charge taxes on the failure of payments.

6. Add Pay Now Options

You must add a pay now option to add and check payment options for your customers. Your customers will now be able to pay in the methods that suit your business best. Allow your clients various payment methods such as credit card, direct bank transfer, etc.

7. Save

After you have added all the necessary details, your invoice is ready to be used, we can call it a finished invoice. Save it for future reference or to send it to your customers.

What’s the Proper Invoice Format?


Entrepreneur.com suggests that around 80% of all businesses’ collection and payment problems arise due to invoicing difficulties. This can easily be avoided by creating the invoices correctly.

To ensure you have all the necessary information on your invoice that you and your customer will require, you need to keep some points in mind when you create an invoice using any free invoice template. Let’s go over the essential components that must be on an invoice, how to make an invoice and why you should include them to set up an invoice using any free invoice generator.

1. Customer Name

This is the place at the top of your invoice where you may begin entering your company’s details. Include the client name here. You may either choose the customer’s name straight from your contacts list or create a new one here if you are making the first invoice for them.

2. Invoice Number

This is a vital aspect of your invoice that allows you to match it with the client. It is critical to get it correct even for future references. Fortunately, Moon Invoice automatically includes the invoice number (Oh yes it is a unique invoice number always for a new invoice).

3. Currency

Because globalization has enabled businesses to acquire clients from all over the world, online accounting software has been updated to support a wide range of currencies to facilitate payments from clients all over the world. If your business operates in India then the preferred payment method shall be INR.

4. Date

Because the primary role of an invoice is to retain correct financial records, an invoice without a date will be troublesome. An appropriate template includes the creation date and invoice issue date to set up an invoice.

5. Due Date

When a company delivers an invoice to a client to collect a payment, it must include the payment due date. Not only that, but you may also include any early payment reductions you offer to secure timely payments.

6. Address

Your clients will require some information about your company. Including your correct business information, such as your address, aids in branding and builds confidence with your customers.

7. Add a Pay Now Option

It is a vital choice to provide your consumers with to encourage them to pay. A business needs to be paid on time, and our pay now CTA helps with that. Help your customer to pay with just a few clicks.

8. Shipping Rates and Methods

An invoice will also serve as documentation of service provided or items sold. You generate an invoice that must include all necessary information along with the mailing address and Payment instructions.

The Basics of Free Invoice Templates

Is every invoice template the same? Every day, tens of thousands of business owners and freelancers look for “invoice templates” online to streamline their businesses. Many of them use a blank invoice template or use word invoice templates (google docs or even Microsoft excel) while big companies go for an invoice generator.

The framework of an invoice template allows us to easily replace our information with inventory data. You may quickly fill in line items about your organization, clientele, and the product or service you’re giving by including the relevant fields in the invoice.

It is possible to completely customize invoice templates, and they are arranged properly and easy to print. As a result, companies can swiftly update them and provide customers with them on schedule. Additionally, you may have invoice templates made specifically for your business, emphasizing its distinctiveness with different headers, footers, colors, and a logo. To thank clients for their business, promote more goods or services they might be interested in, or include other pertinent information, you can add client-specific notes while sending invoices.

Online invoicing software lowers the chance of human error by making it simple to produce an invoice from your workstation or while traveling. You may quickly send personalized invoices online and get paid with top-tier online billing software as they are generated automatically. When a client receives your invoice, letting them choose their preferred currency and language significantly increases your company’s ability to access the worldwide market.

Use free templates to produce precise professional invoices that you may alter later and to better manage your money. From ensuring proper billing to promoting brand recognition, software for online invoicing has a lot to offer. Last but not least, knowing how to make an invoice gives you a professional and clear way of asking for money from your clients.

Final Words

A proficient invoice serves as more than simply a sales receipt. It safeguards your company legally from risks and fraud. If you have a professional-looking invoice along with the right invoicing tool, you may enhance your cash flow while decreasing your accounting and invoicing operations.

Invoicing helps you reduce the operating costs of your business. Invoices may be exported as PDFs, emailed to clients, or shared as links to ease your invoicing procedures. Finally, Moon Invoice will give your answer on how to make an invoice and you can produce an invoice suitable for your business.

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