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Add New Background-personalized receipt maker

Add New Background

Users can customize the receipts with a new background using our custom receipt maker app. For example, add a background from your saved pictures or files, and give a new makeover to your business receipts. Upload background to cash receipts, payment receipts, and sales receipts on the go!

Select Background

Add Themes

Scroll the different themes on our custom receipt maker app and choose a theme you wish to upload. Next, select the available themes per your business niche or background to customize the readymade receipt templates. Finally, add required details to templates to design a final copy.

Select Themes
Add Themes-custom receipt generator
Adjust Margins-online receipt generator

Adjust Margins

Moon Invoice helps design customizable receipts by assisting the users in adjusting and setting the horizontal and vertical margins. Also, users can add header and footer notes per the business terms and nature. Everything is easily customizable using our custom receipt maker app, from setting the page alignment to displaying it.

Edit Receipts

Change Text Color

Add and edit style to receipts using the text color, border color, fill color, and fill text color settings. Please select the color best suits your business receipts, save them, and apply the changes to your receipt templates.

Select Style & Color
Change Text Color-custom receipt maker app
Preview Customized Receipts-custom receipt maker app

Preview Customized Receipts

Previewing receipts is a must before saving them. A preview helps to rectify any errors before sending it across. Moon Invoice, a personalized receipt maker app, helps with a 100% preview of the receipt before you issue it to your clients via email, download it as a PDF, or print it on the go!

View Receipts

Save Receipts

Our custom receipt maker app helps users save cash, sales, payment, and delivery receipts with a single click. Users need to generate a receipt, save it successfully, download it as a PDF or find it in the receipt section. Saved receipts are helpful during accounting and auditing as proof of sale and payment.

Store Receipts
Save Receipts-custom receipt maker app


The user must download the custom receipt templates using our personalized receipt maker app to customize receipts online. The readymade templates are easy to customize online by adding the relevant field details.

Moon Invoice is one of the best online receipt generators that help users generate receipts using customizable templates. Within minutes, it is easy to create and send receipts online.

For editing or customizing receipts online, the user needs to click on the receipt template and change the settings, including background, theme, alignment, margins, text color, footer and header notes, etc.

Following are the most common types of receipts in business accounting:

  1. Sales receipts
  2. Cash receipts
  3. Delivery receipts
  4. Donation receipts
  5. Revenue receipts
  6. Capital receipts
  7. Payment receipts

For editing receipts, the user needs to log in to Moon Invoice, a custom receipt generator. After logging in, the dashboard mentions a section as ‘Receipts.’ Click on the + icon to add a receipt. Save the receipts online. Later, click on the save receipts to edit them.

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