More often than not it is a big conundrum about not knowing, what went wrong? If we actually go down this lane there could be hundreds of reasons. But let’s rather focus on the other way round like a successful way to convert your potential contact into a customer. It is a known fact that your first impression could really make a difference. It could be a meeting in-person, a telephonic conversation or even a document such as an estimate.


An estimate carries an immense value as it can win or lose you the job, may it be a supplier, vendor or any other client. An estimate is the first and the most important document for your client as it gives him a clear picture of all services. You need to efficient and precise in presenting the estimate as they may be holding estimates from your competitors as well for the same job or work. A transparent and a well-designed estimate will provide them peace of mind. We have drafted a list for easy understanding so as to create a professional invoice estimates that will win you the job.


Erase Manual; Go For Digital Format:


Sending your clients an estimate digitally projects that you are tech-savvy and likely to use latest and updated tools and include best practices on the job. It also relieves them about worrying from any such mistake as they can rest assured that it is going to be a professional and free invoice maker. Moreover, you can create and send an invoice via email in just minutes after your initial meet or talk with the client. This also leaves you with the best chance to seal the deal.

Erase Manual; Go For Digital Format - Moon Invoice

Have A Detailed Approach:


The estimate evaluating period is also best for you to establish trust and show transparency. This will help your clients to know beforehand not to expect any discrepancy or surprises with regards to money or services. Hence, it is utmost necessary to be precise and provide itemized information. Separate labor and parts cost and any other to present a neat and easily understandable estimate. Also, mention if any additional hours or hourly rate for the specified service. Keeping a transparent approach helps your clients to entrust you immediately.


Additionally, a small business billing app that could help you with inventory, customer, purchase order, payment, expense and ultimately profit reports should be the given the priority. Insights & Reports go a long way in maintaining & managing business productivity and boosts the financial growth of the company.


Provide Brand Association:


Industry accreditation and accolades matter most to the clients. Your industry related involvement and recognition could actually work like a miracle for you. Online invoice generator allows the option to not only customize your invoices but also you can add the company’s logo so that your clients can associate with your brand.

Provide Brand Association - Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice, designed and developed to simplify the invoicing process for small, medium and large businesses. It has highly advanced feature-set, fully automated invoicing processing that helps companies to be more efficient & productive. Invoice processing via Moon Invoice is done with maximum accuracy and removes any such probable errors associated with manual entry as it supports recurring invoices and many such other features.


Moon Invoice mobile app is available for iOS, Mac OS X, Android, and Windows. Download our free app today and leave all your invoicing worry with us. There is a 7-day free trial period for you to try before you buy!




It is clearly hard to predict as to what kind of changes your company or organization might go through in the coming years, but you can maintain the balance and seamlessly progress towards by choosing Moon Invoice – a professional invoice solution that will evolve with and support your enterprise as you grow.