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Free Billing Template

Is billing or invoicing one of the essential requirements for your business? Get readymade yet free billing templates with Moon Invoice.

Downloadable Free Billing Templates

We understand your requirements of downloading the billing templates in different bill formats, for which we have the following downloadable invoice templates as options.

MS Word

Download free bill templates in MS Word format that helps you save the invoice details easily. Edit the details, including customer name, total cost, line items, and payment terms. Save it on your system to send it via email.

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MS Word

MS Excel

Our billing template is available for download in MS Excel with automatic calculations. Hence, you need not worry about the calculations as they are highly accurate with our online readymade invoice template.

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MS Excel

Adobe PDF

PDF is a running invoice or billing format. Most clients request professionals or businesses to send bills in a PDF downloadable format. Hence, we help you design quick bills using an online Adobe PDF invoice template.

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Adobe PDF

Google Docs

As you design an invoice, you can also inform your clients using Google Docs. Only share the view access of the invoice template with your clients to help them see the invoice anytime, anywhere, with the link.

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Google Docs

Get 3X Times Faster Using Online Bill Templates

Switch to readymade billing templates for saving time and resources on generating a single bill.

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Why are Billing Templates Useful for Businesses & Professionals?

Well, if you are confused about whether or not these invoice or bill templates are helpful for your business or freelancing purpose, here are some benefits to look forward to.

Sales Receipt Templates
  • Billing templates are easy to customize
  • Bill templates leave a remarkable impression on clients
  • Bill format has all the precise information; hence it covers all the essential details of your business, including the service or product description
  • It saves time and helps resources to focus on other essential tasks
  • Calculations, are automated. Hence there is less chance of errors
  • Templates can be quickly sent via email or WhatsApp post downloading
  • Nevertheless, bill templates are a type of official business document. Hence it helps at the time of audit if required

Billing Template for Various Industries or Professions

How to Fill Out an Online Billing Template?

It is both easy & simple to fill out an online billing template. Follow these simple steps.

  1. Download the template in your required bill format
  2. Start filling out the details. Begin by adding the company and customer details, including business name, address, phone number, business logo, and shipping address.
  3. Add billing details such as bill number, bill date, and bill currency, and mention if the bill is a standard bill or a recurring bill
  4. Add line items, including product or service description with quantity, gross price, discount, tax, and total cost
  5. Mention payment terms or any crucial notes
  6. Save the bill template on your device and send it later to your clients
How to Create a Rent Invoice Online?

What are the Different Types of Bills for Small Businesses?

Billing or invoicing regularly goes for businesses and professionals as they have to issue a bill on time to get paid. Here are some common types of business bills.

Proforma Bill
Proforma Bill

A preliminary bill of sale is issued in advance, especially to make the shipping and cargo movements smooth between the buyer and the seller.

Standard Bill
Standard Bill

A standard bill or invoice is a final product or service bill issued by the seller to the buyer mentioning all the essential elements of the sale.

Interim Bill
Interim Bill

The seller issues an interim bill during the service or sale. It is a contractual agreement between the two parties to issue it on an interim basis.

Small Expense Bill
Small Expense Bill

Businesses often undergo many expenses; some need to be reimbursed by the client, for which it is required to issue a small expense bill.

Recurring Bill
Recurring Bill

A recurring bill is a type of bill that needs to be issued on a fixed period or regular basis. We help with readymade recurring bill templates.

Issue Different Types of Bills to Your Clients with Readymade Templates

It's time to issue the right bill template with its accurate bill format to your clients on the go using Moon Invoice.

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Billing Invoice Template Vs Moon Invoice Software

Features Billing Invoice Template Moon Invoice
Free Billing Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Bill Tracking Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Adding Payment Methods Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Testifying the Bills with Signature Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Sending Timely Reminders for Payments Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Unlimited Edits Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
Duplicating Bills Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice Billing Invoice Template v/s Moon invoice
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Frequently Asked Questions

When Should You Bill Your Clients?

Billing at the right time points toward billing right after the delivery of the product or completion of the service. Accurate billing time helps in getting paid faster.

How Do Businesses Generally Bill Their Clients?

Businesses generally bill their clients using readymade bill templates or online billing software.

What is a Standard Bill Format?

A standard bill format includes complete billing information, including business details, customer details, billing essentials, payment terms, a payment link, business notes, signature, logo, and line item description.

What is a Contractor Billing Template?

A contractor billing template covers all the essential details of a contractor's invoice and includes labor and material descriptions mentioning quantity, price, tax, discount, and the total amount.