Accounting is a crucial business element. 

It involves 360-degree financial operations starring bills, estimates, expenses, income statements, receipts, and payments. Online accounting software helps manage every business’s financial activity via a single dashboard. But very few of these apps help you choose and customize the accounting templates. 

Let’s talk about what an accounting template is and why it is important to choose the best management accounts template for your business. 

Accounting templates

You need to decide or choose a perfect accounting template while you are using an online mode of generating or designing accounts statements and bills such as invoices, estimates, expenses, statements, and notes. It is basically a design that is readymade with online accounting software. The users can simply modify a bit of the design for downloading accurate invoices, reports, or expenses on the go!

In short, the different types of accounting templates are easily customized for generating timely bills and estimates. 

Types of accounting templates 

Accounting is a broad subject. It includes different types of bills and statements that need to be generated to manage the business effectively. All these statements need a proper format before issuing to the customer, client, or buyer. Let’s check the different types of business management accounts templates

1. Invoice templates

Free invoice templates help businesses to generate custom invoices with a click. It helps startups and SMEs issue customized invoices with the help of predefined invoicing templates. The templates are designed in advance and ready for customization, whether one needs to issue a proforma invoice, final invoice, or credit note. 

2. Estimate templates

Sending winning estimates is very important for businesses that need to bid for the projects regularly. The management accounts templates such as estimates help business owners to send winning estimates on time. In addition, the readymade estimate templates help accountants send timely business proposals that spend less time and effort. 

3. Expense sheet templates

Expense Sheet Templates

Expense sheet templates are another accounting template that helps freelancers and businesses manage their spending. Using the readymade expense accounting templates, recording expenditure becomes easy and simple. 

4. Income statements

Accounting templates such as income statements are very important for business owners to get accurate business insights. Our online accounting software helps users with the perfect income statement format to download profit and loss reports, tax reports, sales reports, etc. 

5. Accounts receivable templates

Accounts Receivable Templates

While referring to the accounting templates, businesses can’t afford to miss the important invoice aging of accounts receivable reports. So we help users to get the readymade accounting template for downloading AR reports. Just click, and you will be able to download the reports instantly. 

6. Accounts payable templates

Just like accounts receivable templates, the accounts payable is also an important accounting template for getting the list of creditors to whom the business needs to pay. Get a readymade AP template for downloading accounts payable with a single click!

Does your online accounting app help download reports?

7. Receipt templates

The business has to deal with different types of receipts daily. It includes sales receipt, cash receipt, payment receipt, delivery receipt, rent receipt, etc. Businesses can get readymade receipt templates ready to customize for issuing timely receipts to their clients, customers, tenants, or vendors. 

8. Balance sheet templates

Balance Sheet Templates

Our business accounting software helps to download income statements, including balance sheets. In addition, we have designed the accounting templates in an appropriate financial document format to help businesses get the right balance sheet statement on the go.

9. Business templates 

Apart from invoices, estimates, expense sheets, and income statements, there are many other business documents, including credit notes, sales reports, product reports, etc. These are easy to download using our online accounting software. Also, get accurate business accounting templates with a click!

10. Project timesheet templates

Our accounting software helps businesses and professionals with a time tracking feature to manage time logs for various projects. Users can get readymade timesheet templates for downloading project time logs. Just a click and each time log will be downloaded, which is further used for generating invoices. 

How to choose the best accounting templates?

Businesses can get the best accounting templates online to issue important business documents with Moon Invoice. We have readymade and predefined business management accounts templates to manage all the financial activities on the go. Whether issuing a commercial invoice, a proforma invoice, or a credit note, a single screen helps you manage everything on the go. Get 66+ accounting templates to choose from while using our online accounting software. 

Templates for various industries  

Users can download the different templates as per their business niche. Moreover, the templates are easy to customize by adding specific business details. 

  • Invoice template for construction, freelancer, sales, rent, designer, landscaping, small business, contractor, graphic design, retail store, self-employed, and services rendered.
  • Estimate template for construction, contractor, jobs, painting, house cleaning, and landscaping. 
  • Receipt templates for delivery, rent, acknowledgment, cash, donation, and payments. 
  • Management accounts template for construction, contractor, institutions, freelancers, small businesses, trucking companies, logistics, etc. 

All these different business accounting templates are easy to download and customize. Also, it helps manage the different business operations via a single screen. 

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Send accounting documents on the go!

Moon Invoice offers a seven-day free trial period to its users to download and send different business documents. Register with our online accounting software to explore 66+ predefined readymade accounting templates. Within minutes of registration, start issuing different business documents to your customers, clients, and vendors. 

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