If you are looking to know more about invoice templates for your small or large business, then you have landed on a perfect informative page. In this blog post, we will be discussing the future of online invoicing. You might have gone through various blogs on invoice template before but we assure you that this will be a different unique session on invoice and templates.


Without waiting for further ado, let’s jump on to know more about invoicing templates and how an online invoicing application can prove to be highly beneficial whether you are a freelancer, startup entrepreneur or having your own small business or large organization. We shall soon be seeing about how curating a professional business invoice template can amaze your clients, as well as the clarity, will also help you to get paid faster than usual.


Personalized Invoice Templates


Thinking of creating the best professional looking personalized invoice templates – showcasing your own brand, with customer-centric fields and of course, elegant in the look. Look no further: Moon Invoice – free invoice maker lets you do that exactly. It is as easy and simple that anyone can do it and doesn’t require as such any special skills. Easily add a company logo and choose from a variety of designs. Professional or trendy or classic look – you decide.

Personalized Invoice Templates - Moon Invoice

Invoice Number Included


There are many things you need to be certain of before creating invoice templates such as terms and conditions, VAT and other taxes, etc. Moon Invoice presents built-in PDF templates that can withstand any requirements from a small business to solopreneurs to large organizations. With invoice number included, Moon Invoice maker has them all covered.


The Smart Invoice Generator


Once you have finalized your template, well, that’s pretty much it. Your invoices will be created in no time and you can also add any additional hours or expenses in a matter of seconds. Then one touch and your invoices are sent out immediately. Your clients are guaranteed to get surprised with the look and performance. Moreover, with such efficiency, you 2x more likely to get paid faster with Moon Invoice than any other invoicing system. Moon Invoice also provides with multiple online payment methods which leave your clients at ease. The invoice estimate app not only gently reminds when the payment is due but also notifies when the payment is received. You also get the benefit of PayPal button support. Payments to business take only days to settle, making the process simple and more efficient. Offering to pay via credit cards also gives customers sufficient time to make full payment on their own terms. This option works best for the customers who cannot pay the balance off as quickly as your business need. It also quickly converts your estimates into invoices.

On The Go Invoicing Solutions

You can create the invoices on the go wherever and whenever you want. With the ease of doing it from your smartphone, tablet or even desktop. Moreover, you can access Moon Invoice from any device which lets you be total productive in case if you lost or forgot your phone. Moon Invoice lets you create invoices, estimates, purchase order, etc instantly so that you can focus on the other important tasks of your business.

On The Go Invoicing Solutions - Moon Invoice

Concluding Note:


We welcome you to check Moon Invoice app, unique and first in its class to provide iCloud Sync for every kind of businesses and individual. With Moon Invoice you can ‘Try Before You Buy’ option to feel the one-stop solution for all your invoicing needs right into your hands.


Additionally, an accounting and billing software that could help you with inventory, customer, purchase order, payment, expense and ultimately profit reports should be the given the priority. Insights & Reports go a long way in maintaining & managing business productivity and boosts the financial growth of the company.


Moon Invoice offers you multiple payment options along with multi-currency support. With Moon Invoice you can work from anywhere by downloading apps available for all platforms, i.e, iOS, MacOSX, Androidand Windows. In addition to this, the Moon Invoice app also helps your business with Import/Export & Print and Mobile & Sync.